Thomson Reuters

Written by Namara

August 30, 2017

Namara helps Thomson Reuters enrich existing data, link it to their database, and make new sources of information market-ready.

Thomson Reuters is one of the most well-informed organizations on the planet. To manage all of that information and help people realize the potential value inherent in the vast repositories of data that’s available, they’ve developed the open PermID, an MDM (Master Data Management) tool.

Data has more potential value when it can be shared or opened. It can be used by a number of different stakeholders and partners, within or outside an organization, for a variety of applications to gain new analytical insight and to build new products and services. And in order to effectively use data, it’s important to understand how it connects to the real world. That’s why Thomson Reuters is making available its Permanent Identifiers, or PermIDs, and the associated entity masters and metadata to the market. PermIDs are open, permanent and universal identifiers where underlying attributes capture the context of the identity they each represent.

The widespread release of government data has led to new sources of information that are relevant to financial markets everywhere, and Thomson Reuters’ PermID has the capacity to link this information, develop relational databases, and ultimately derive more marketable information, quicker.

ThinkData supplies Thomson Reuters will a constant feed of relevant government data from across multiple jurisdictions in standard usable formats, connecting them to government data and helping the best in information enrich, link, and make these new sources of information market-ready.

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