Start using game-changing data
offered exclusively through Namara

Vector Institute

Is Your Data Ready For AI?

To bring about the next phase of business intelligence, businesses will have to start thinking about the need for a vascular system that can flow data to where it needs to be. ThinkData and the Vector institute are working together to realize the future of artificial intelligence.


Open A Window To e-Commerce

SKU-level e-commerce purchase data shines a light on who’s buying what online. Start using this one-of-a-kind combination of purchase, product, and anonymized customer data to gain insight into the fastest growing marketplace on the planet.

Thomson Reuters

Entity Resolution With Thomson Reuters

By linking new government data to Thomson Reuters’ revolutionary permanent identifier, ThinkData can turn open data into market information, make connections between businesses and individuals, and validate entities at an unprecedented scale. Contact us to find out how to start minting your data with Thomson Reuters’ PermID.

Senso AI

Layering AI On The Mortgage Lifecycle

By predicting opportunities to originate, retain, and price mortgages,'s enterprise SaaS platform equips lenders with actionable strategies to improve the size and quality of their portfolios, while providing homeowners with an exceptional experience.


Add Satellite Data For Richer Analysis

Whether you’re counting the number of cars in a parking lot or tracking urbanization over time, Skywatch specializes in aggregating satellite data to make it easier to use. Access SkyWatch data through Namara to gain a bird’s eye view of your marketplace.


Helping Youth Through Digital Insight

Yconic matches students to scholarships, connecting their community to over $150M in available opportunities. ThinkData helps Yconic operate Canada’s largest youth-focused market research panel, helping partners gain key insights into the student and youth demographic.

The Weather Company

Access Weather Data Through Namara

IBM and The Weather Company aggregate the deepest, richest, most accurate weather data out there. Start using their weather data through Namara to plug into actionable weather information, analytics and insight.


Public Data In The Cloud

ThinkData Works has partnered with IBM to fuel the Cloud with a constant stream of standardized government data. Contact us to learn how you can start using the data that’s being made available through the IBM Cloud.

UBER Movement

Information Superhighways - Literally

UBER Movement is providing unprecedented and unrivaled data - a pool of more than two billion rides at your fingertips. ThinkData gives you what you need to access measurable and impactful transportation data that will shape the future of our cities.


Powered By Open Data

ODX connects those who need data with those who have data, develops tools to share data, provides training and networking opportunities, and influences policy and standards. Together with ThinkData, they ease access to data for everyone, enhancing offerings and increasing the competitive advantage for Canadian companies.