ON JANUARY 30, 2017


Namara provided mobile ad firm Go2mobi with the layers of data that they needed in order to identify and target their audience at key moments. By drilling deeper into customer segmentation and marrying internal information with external data, Go2mobi was able to triple their click-through rate and increase location visits by 22%, revolutionizing the way they generate leads.

In this connected age, advertisers are scrambling to come up with effective ways to trigger event-based opportunities. External data gives advertisers the ability to recognize events and execute on key moments with clients.

For any advertising firm, understanding the motivations, impulses, and preferences of their client base is critical to their success. By leveraging data from external sources, savvy businesses are finding ways to enrich their internal data with information outside of the four walls of their business.

Mobile firm go2mobi was thinking about this when they designed an advertising campaign targeting a specific demographic of auto-intenders aged 25–65 who had visited a car dealership in the past six months. The problem, they realized, was that although they had client location data, they lacked the kind of audience segmentation information and point of interest location data that were necessary to identify the appropriate moment to target these clients at the most opportune moment for conversion.

Go2mobi worked with ThinkData to overlay census data and geolocated points for every car dealership in the area on top of their clients’ whereabouts. This effectively customized their campaign, which let them target audience members at key moments when they were most receptive to advertisements and had the convenient opportunity to visit the brand’s physical location.

By building up the right layers of data and mixing internal data sources with available external data, go2mobi was able to target their audience at highly receptive mobile moments, creating a campaign that performed well above the industry average and helped their client achieve a location visit lift of 22%.

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