ON MAY 28, 2015


By working with Namara and leveraging Watson analytics, IBM built a standard hub for every job posting in the province, giving Ontarians a better chance to find their dream job.

Municipal governments publish job postings on their websites as a matter of course. It’s an excellent service that anyone can use to see what jobs are available in their city. The problem is, though, that it’s ultimately a narrow view of what kind of jobs are available. For citizens who want to see if there are jobs that appeal to them in their neighbouring city, they have to track down that municipality’s website and start the process over. For a worker who wants to compare opportunities, it’s impossible to gain a full view of what’s out there. Noticing this, IBM decided to that they wanted to create an app that would push together disparate job postings from hundreds of different government sources, giving Ontario residents the opportunity to find employment according to their skill set and preferences.

Working with ThinkData and leveraging Watson Analytics, IBM was able to gain access to employment databases from all over Ontario in standard usable formats, which made it possible for them to build an app that gave citizens a fulsome view of all available job opportunities in the province, not just the ones available on each municipal website.

By getting smarter with available information, IBM and ThinkData built a standard hub for all job postings in the province, giving citizens a better chance to find their dream job.

Bootstrapping in Canada

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