ON OCTOBER 3, 2017

The New Namara: Make any Data Your Data

Over the summer we reimagined Namara marketing and landing pages. We felt it was time to tell our story — to share really what it is that we do and how we do it.

Post 5.0 Update

On the new site you’ll find 6 new “Feature” pages highlighting the power of our data management and processing tools — and 8 new data pages highlighting the industries where we’re having the biggest impact.

We’ve also got an exciting new blog, case studies, and white papers! Head over to the new Namara to have a look and let us know what you think!

new namara landing page


After signing in to Namara, users will now see their organization’s dashboard. This is a place to see the status of your imported data sets (coming soon), stats about public data on Namara, who’s in your organization, and a list of your organization’s subscriptions.

namara dashboard

We’re almost ready to start beta testing our “import your own data” feature. Reach out to let us know if you’d like to participate.

Cluster view

You’ll start to notice more purple around the site. Purple is our new colour to highlight refined data on our platform. When you see the purple bar at the bottom of a data set summary, this means that the data set was derived from any number of other data sets.

data set cluster view

Check out Lewis’ great post about how we use Unity to build better data.


New project list view

We’ve added an alternative way to see the data in your projects. This is especially helpful for smaller projects and behaves the same way our search pages do.

To filter and sort your project data, you can still access the project table under the Table tab.

namara project list view

Import wizard in alpha

You may notice a few changes to the sidebar after our latest release. This is in preparation for a couple of big features coming down the pipe — including the ability to import your data onto Namara. Below is a sneak-preview-screenshot of our import wizard, which you’ll be able to use to bring your own data onto Namara. Stay tuned!

namara import wizard

For more information on how to use Namara or to request a demo, contact us.



Namara 5.0

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