ON AUGUST 30, 2017

World of Angus

World of Angus wanted to build an app that would tell people what they needed to know about the dog parks in their area. By supplying them with data on over 3000 dog parks across North America, Namara provided them with the baseline of data they needed to transform a simple idea into a network of trust that resulted in exponential traffic to their e-commerce platform.

World of Angus is a Toronto-based company that sells specialty dog products from an e-commerce platform. Like any B2C business they are always looking to optimize their SEO and find an affordable way to stay top-of-mind in a big market. But spending a lot of money on Facebook ads or Google adwords just didn’t make sense to Angus CEO Jeremy Potvin. Looking around at his competition, Potvin realized that the best way to take a bite out of the market would be to

“connect with pet owners, understand pet owners better, and slowly introduce our brand to them.”

Trust, he realized, trumped everything. The company, the brand, wouldn’t be anything without a community behind it. As an avowed dog person, Potvin knew his community pretty well, but he wanted to find a way to connect the dots between his community and his brand. That’s when the idea of a dog park application hit him. Dog owners, he knew from personal experience, are always looking for the dog park that suits them and their pet. The park that’s best for the teacup poodle might not be the same park that’s best for the bullmastiff. By aggregating information on dog parks, Potvin figured he’d be able to develop an app that told dog owners everything they needed to make the most informed decisions about where to go, when to go, and how to make connections with other dog owners. By providing the app to the community, he’d make World of Angus a trusted source of information, which would make them a trusted brand.

Unfortunately, Potvin didn’t have access to the data he needed.

Working with ThinkData to leverage the open data across North America from a single location gave Potvin quick and easy access to over 3000 dog parks. This baseline of data could then be built upon and enriched to make World of Angus’s dog park app the most accurate and informative application of its kind. The simple idea built a network of trust that resulted in exponential traffic to their e-commerce platform, which very quickly turned the scrappy startup into top dog.

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