Get more data.
Get more out of it.

Don't miss the boat on the data that's out there.
Namara lets you extract more value from your data,
wherever it’s coming from.

Get more out of your data

Explore the world of open data

Use Namara to find and connect to standardized public data from every level of government. Sign up to access +250,000 data sets from thousands of sources.

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Go beyond open data

Get more out of your data. Plug into refined data that's designed to answer your questions and tailored to suit your needs.

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Custom data acquisition

Work with our team of experts to track down and start using any data you need. We'll make sure it's always up to date.

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Your data, your way

There's a lot of data out there and it's coming from a lot of different places. Find everything that's relevant to you and keep it organized with Namara.

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Keep tabs on your data

Separate what you need from what you don't. Tag data, filter tables, and verify data sets directly on Namara.

About Namara's features

Our cloud or yours

Access data the way you want to. Manage any amount of public data for free, or talk to us about setting up a custom deployment.

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Plug into standard data

Ten data sets from ten different places can come in ten different formats. Avoid the headache and access standard data from anywhere with Namara.

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Let the data flow

Set it and forget it. Automatic updates mean you get to spend more time building products and less time chasing down data.

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All the small things

How do you want your dates? Your addresses? Do you prefer title case or uppercase? Stop wasting time fixing the small stuff and let Namara do it for you.

About our data refinery

Build perfect data

Namara is designed to transform and enrich any number of data sets. Just define an ideal schema and plug in the data for refined data on demand.

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Merge related data

Bring together related data to drive a standard schema, combine data points and work from a single point of access.

About data aggregation

Enrich and derive

Generate new attributes, geocode data on demand, and derive new information from existing data.

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Dashboard analytics

Make sure the data you're using is the data you need. Namara lets you monitor data sources as well as data sets.

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Give all your data an endpoint

Plug into Namara's API to make sure you're always working with the most up-to-date version of your data set.

Customizable updates

Namara keeps data flowing from any source. Make sure your data is current with Namara's automatic updates.

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Collaborate with your team

Create data projects to organize your data, then share them securely among members of your organization.

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Role management

Namara provides robust role management tools for organizations of any size. Easily control who has access, and what they have access to.

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Buy once, enterprise-wide

Don't let the number of seats limit innovation. With Namara, all data is accessible enterprise wide.

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