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Why We Created Our Own Query Language

We value the notion that data is not meant to live in isolation, and that new insights come from the freedom to mix data sets together ... Read More

February 7, 2019

Open Data & Democracy: Promises, Realities, and Possibilities

The premise was simple: the more data released to the public, the more sophisticated and capable the electorate would be to hold elected officials accountable. ... Read More

December 5, 2018

BuildingFootprintUSA: Choosing the Best Building Footprint Data for Your Business – 4 Key Questions

When we introduced our first building footprint dataset in June 2016, we knew that it had the potential to revolutionize location data. ... Read More

November 22, 2018

5 Takeaways from Web Summit

Web Summit, which Forbes calls the "best technology conference on the planet," brings together some of the best and brightest tech minds from all across the world to discuss what's hot, what's not, and what's next. From November 4-7... ... Read More

November 21, 2018

ICO Alert: Where ICOs Are Incorporating

Our friend Joseph Argiro at ICO Alert shared some outstanding insight regarding where ICOs incorporate, showing just a small glimpse of the value in ... Read More

November 5, 2018

Using AI to model Entity Resolution

As we work toward a future driven by analyzing and operationalizing big data, it is evident that redundancy is a stumbling block in achieving efficiency ... Read More

October 10, 2018