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Using AI to model Entity Resolution

As we work toward a future driven by analyzing and operationalizing big data, it is evident that redundancy is a stumbling block in achieving efficiency ... Read More

October 10, 2018

5 Reasons You Need A Better Data Management Solution

Even with the proper infrastructure in place, benefiting from data isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. These days ... Read More

September 11, 2018

Unity Case Study:
Basement Flooding & Watermain Breaks

Using open data in unconventional ways creates insight into disaster management, providing insight for city officials and insurance companies ... Read More

August 15, 2017

Yukon — Optimized File Deduplication and Merge

Between 1896 and 1899 a stampede of over 100,000 prospectors made ... Read More

July 26, 2017

Unity Case Study:
Geocoding Traffic Accidents

Using Namara, insurance companies gain insight into problematic data, helping them drive predictive analysis ... Read More

May 4, 2017

Where We’re Heading

2016 was a big year for big data. More organizations than ever were actively engaged ... Read More

February 3, 2017

Dealing with Data Variety

Here at ThinkData, we pride ourselves on solving the “variety” issue associated with accessing ... Read More

January 30, 2017

Unity Case Study:
Aggregating Address Points

Creating a standard schema and merging related data sets to drive insight and analysis ... Read More

January 18, 2017